About The Smoothie Diet

Hi my name is Drew, or Health Coach Drew as my clients call me. I’m a board certified health coach and the creator of The Smoothie Diet program.

I developed The Smoothie Diet weight loss program because I saw a need for a simple easy-to-follow weight loss plan that took the confusion out of all the diet advice out there.

It’s been proven time and time again in scientific studies that fruits and vegetables contain powerful nutrients with amazing benefits for weight loss and incredible health. Unfortunately most of us don’t get nearly enough, if any of these nutrients in our daily diets.

In The Smoothie Diet 21 Day Weight Loss Program I have combined the most powerful fat-burning, anti-aging, health boosting ingredients into a 21 day plan to give you maximum results in minimum time.

The best part is the smoothies taste amazing so you’ll never feel like you’re dieting. The program has been battle-tested with my clients and is now available to everyone all over the world.